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We try our best to present true stories to younger generations, not to raise any hatred, but to help the future generations to know and understand the undeniable facts that their parent generations had to pay an expensive price for Freedom.
Our Commitments

- Non-political biases
- Non-religious biases
- Non-ethnic biases
- Non-local biases
- No comments added
- Stories and images are posted as is

Our Mission

We try at best to record as many meaningful details of the Vietnamese Boat People as possible, the event which happened from 1975 to the time when the last Vietnamese Boat People from refugee camps have been resetled in a third country. This project does not mean to raise up any hatred from past stories, does not mean to judge or comment on the events, but record the judgments or comments of others as an attribute of the events. Received financial support will be used mainly to cover hosting and domain fee, and other fees for the project. Any amount remained will be transferred to charity
This project is carried out on the the basis of voluntary: without political, local, religous, or racial bias, and as a non-profit organization.

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